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Most researchers have focused on broad descriptions of trends in the use of the Internet, such as time spent using computers and the Internet and the ways in which children and adults use these technologies. Few researchers have examined the ways in which the Internet has altered family functioning.

One area of speculation is whether computer technology strengthens or damages relationships among family members. One of the earliest studies on the role of the Internet in family life monitored a group of parents and their teenagers over their first 1 to 2 years of Internet use. Parents and adolescents used the Internet more often to interact e.

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They also spent less time communicating in the household with family members than they did before gaining Internet access. These results give credibility to the fears that Internet use damages family relationships; however, a follow-up study 2 to 3 years later found that these initial declines in family communication did not persist Kraut et al. The Internet can be used to help families when it is used to create new ways of providing peer support, family life education, and family therapy.

For example, there is numerous news groups online devoted to family issues such as divorce, death, or children with special needs.

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Additionally, family life educators and family therapists have begun to create online opportunities to provide help to families. The Internet is becoming the most important tool to humans today. There are many different uses for every kind of person. For instance, online banking saves time and money over traditional banking.

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Small businesses have been rewriting the rules to commerce with the use of the Internet. The Internet will continue to grow while people find more uses for it every day. It is able to find information on any topic imagined at your greatest convenience. As the Internet keeps growing, problems continue growing as well.

Researchers argue some disadvantages of an Internet based society.

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Most of these drawbacks are a result of decreased face-to-face communication and the ability to escape identity. Although there are conflicting research findings on this topic, an article published by Science Daily reported that time spent on the Internet was associated with later declines in within house family communication and a decrease in the number of friends and acquaintances with which they kept ties. The same article suggests that communication on the web is taking away necessary human conflict.

For example, if an Internet conversation starts getting heated or if someone gets angry, it is too easy to just sign off and not deal with the issue. Resolving conflict is a part of life that shouldn't be avoided and is usually psychologically helpful. Another proposed disadvantage is that a couple of studies have found strong correlations between frequency of Internet use and loneliness. People that use the Internet often are more likely to become lonely and depressed than those that don't. One proposal as to why this is the case is because of a potential reduced social support system as a result of the Internet.

There is some controversy over whether it is possible to actually be addicted to the Internet or not. Some researchers, like John M. Grohol, claim that it is simply people trying to escape their problems in an online world and cannot be classified as an addiction. Other psychologists, including Jennifer R. Ferris, believe that Internet addiction is a true psychological disorder with definable symptoms. The symptoms are comparable to any addiction, withdrawal, loss of relationships or job and significant time consumption.

If an actual addiction exists or doesn't exist, the underlying themes that support the addiction theory are still an issue. Whether people are trying to escape problems and reality or they will go through withdrawal if they aren't surfing the net or chatting, it is still psychologically unhealthy. Another use of technology is to simply make life easier, and less manual. Now, you can just 'surf the net'.

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Technology also helps in companies, as it can store. Suppose one is up and other down, the upper will suffer due to lack of water and lower will spoil due to more water. Similarly the marriage removes boundary of a boy and girl and they live together as husband and wife. Now if any one think or try to prove, I am superior, it will affect the harmony of the family like the lands. Hence it is best to under stand each other and feel both are equal in the married life.

Emotional balance Account: From the marriage the husband and wife are going to start an account called emotional balance account. It is a joint account. Both of them can operate this account. It is same as the saving bank account. There are credit and debit facilities available. But the rules and regulations have some difference. Husband and wife both may credit love, friendship, Hospitality, Adjustment, Sacrifice, more help and mutual understanding in this account.

These are the investments. Presenting various surprise gifts, mementos are F. D in this account.

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  • In every investment and F. D, the credit will multiply and balance will be very high. In any time, anyone may debit any small amount by way of using hard words, Criticism, acquiescing, quarrelling, act out of way of ones confidents, following bad habits will reduced the bank balance in an multiple effect.

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    Some times it may reach zero also. Debit is not a healthy practice for this account. This is a way for family Harmony. Basics of family harmony There are number of factors which influences the family harmony. Understanding some basic factors will make our self to get clarity and lead a meaning full life of togetherness. Some of the factors are briefly explained below.

    Life requires caring of each other. Both are required to care others needs, wants and wishes.

    Caring is nice experiences that make everyone feel happy. Care about the personal growth, binding relations, personal belongings, views and problems will make each other to tend to get emotional attachment. This is the basic requirement for living together. Sharing will enhance deepness of relationship.

    Sharing your problems, feelings, viewpoints, ambitions, love and affections are the road map for getting understanding. Hence care and share between husband and wife is the basics of family harmony. Once we hide anything, the hidden will block the meaningful relation.

    How important is a strong family relationship for a child to succeed in their future?

    Openness creates confidence and it is the foundation for healthy relation. Hence openness is a required character of family harmony. One can not achieve happiness without win the heart of his partner. The success and harmony of life depends upon the winning heart of the life partner. The easiest way to win the heart of others is sacrifice.

    Give what you have and forgive what the mistake others do. This is the basic character of family Harmony. Understanding is a foundation for a family building. If the foundation is not proper, ie improper understanding between the husband and wife will lead to crack in the happiness of family. The increasing role of T.