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Main article: Tecumseh's War. Main article: Battle of Tippecanoe. See also: War of See also: Siege of Detroit. Main article: Siege of Fort Meigs. See also: Battle of the Thames. Bones found on Walpole Island do not contain a thigh bone, which is critical because Tecumseh broke his thigh while riding a horse when he was younger. Other competing claims for his resting place include the east end of London, Ontario, or alternatively, that he is buried near the site of his death.

The total American casualties in the siege were About Americans were captured, compared to 40 British. He did not return to the United States until Among them were the Kickapoo who had followed Tecumseh to Canada. In August more than Kickapoo were still living in the Prophet's settlement at Amherstberg, where they continued their private war against the United States.

Not until did the entire Canadian band of Kickapoos return south.

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Historical Marker Database. Retrieved Tecumseh was born in what is now western Ohio Some historians claim that he was born in Chillicothe, while others assert that Tecumseh was actually born along the way to Chillicothe. Tecumseh was born in near a spring "three arrow flights" southeast of the principal town of the Chalahgawtha sept of the Shawnee. This was just one of five towns that would take the name of the sept, all called Chillicothe.

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Greenfield, Indiana: William Mitchell. The Wisemans claim that in the early history of the West a certain Wiseman boy was captured by the Indians who adopted him into the tribe of Shawnees. When he became a man, he married an Indian girl. To them was born an Indian boy who became the famous Tecumseh. David Edmunds The Shawnee Prophet. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. Morgan and Company.

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