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Open access requirements and practices vary by campus. Seven campuses see list above make their theses and dissertations open access in eScholarship, at no cost to students.

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Institutions worldwide have moved toward open access ETD publication because it dramatically increases the visibility and reach of their graduate research. To learn more about the policies at your campus, visit your graduate division website on dissertation and thesis requirements:.

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Some campuses allow students to elect their own embargo; others require approval from graduate advisors or administrators. To learn more about the potential problems or advantages of choosing an embargo, you can read this memo from Rosemary Joyce, the Associate Dean of the Graduate Division of UC Berkeley:.

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You automatically own the copyright in your dissertation or thesis as soon as you create it , regardless of whether you register it include a copyright page or copyright notice. Most students choose not to register. Those who do register their copyrights do so because they value having their copyright ownership officially and publicly recorded.

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Getting a copyright registered is required before you can sue someone for infringement. I know this through attention to experience. Whether loss or love is experienced in abundance or in absence, the meaning is mystical with an opening of body, mind, heart and soul to spirit.

Efford, Meaghan Karyn This thesis examines the comparative abundance of shellfish from archaeological assemblages on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Nuu-chah-nulth territories. Eighteen sites spanning the Nuu-chah-nulth region emphasize Hyungeun, Shin The movement of tropical cyclones TC is studied numerically based on a two-dimensional barotropic model, using a previously developed non-oscillatory balanced scheme.

The model of TC used here takes an exponential form, Timmerman, Amanda Primary production and carbon export connect biogeochemical cycles in the surface waters to the deep. Quantifying rates of production and carbon export are important to understanding the global carbon cycle.

There are Davey, James Engida, Zelalem M.

The region is characterized by wind driven coastal upwelling and high Chadwick, Anna In this thesis, I reflect on the ethical and theoretical foundations of researching and re-searching sexualized violence with Indigenous girls in remote communities in northern British Columbia, Canada, through a project Blackstone, Pam This qualitative study has investigated a month-long French-as-a-foreign-language summer program. Bowley, Wesley The built environment is responsible for a large portion of total energy use and emissions.

A large portion comes from the buildings themselves, but also the transportation system to move people around. As global populations DeRoy, Bryant Biocultural approaches to Environmental Management EM and monitoring are an emerging strategy in sustainability planning. Unlike functional ecological approaches to EM, which exclude humans from ecological systems, MacKenzie, Kaz This thesis explores and seeks to unsettle the tenacity of white settler privilege in child and youth care CYC.

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I first acknowledge the significant leadership of Indigenous and nonwhite activist-scholars to address the Levers, M-J. D Clinical nursing practice is on the cusp of significant and unrelenting change amid globalization, austerity measures and technological advancements as the world moves out of the industrial age into the knowledge age.

Bouthillier, Shelby Social connectedness is the psychosocial process of Paetkau, D.