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However, it is quite surprising that people are taking advantage of these features by killing them and selling their body parts in the market to earn money.

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This has unknowingly led to a decrease in their reproduction and hence put them on the endangered list. If proper steps are not taken to preserve the wild animals, very soon they will face the risk of extinction. Citizens of every nation and the government representing them should come together and take steps in reducing these killings by creating a safe atmosphere for the wild animals where they can strive and reproduce. Various measures like building sanctuaries, strict action against poaching and wildlife activism have already been taken up which has resulted in an increase in the population of wild animals.

It is quite imperative that wild animals need to be protected against extinction since they not only add to the natural environment but they are an important part of the ecosystem.

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In the end, it is up to the humans whether to co-habit the environment with other wild animals or face a bleak future of restricted species of the animal kingdom. I have compiled the list of most latest and repeated essays. Here is the link — PTE Essay. In recent times, mankind has been confronted with one of the most serious issues of our modern life — endangerment of animals.

Animals constitute an important part of our ecosystem. Without them, the cycle would disrupt and could result in life-threatening situations for all.

Humans driving extinction faster than species can evolve, say experts | Environment | The Guardian

The increase in urbanization and industrialization has consequently increased the demands of the population. Coupled with a massive population boom, it is becoming necessary to clear off new lands to build housing projects, metros, shopping complexes, schools, and hospitals. Such immense pressure on resources to provide for everyone requires new industries and luxuries which are too, obtained at the behest of our ecosystem. When forests are cleared off, animals lose their habitat which in turn threatens their survival.

Hunting and poaching are also one of the main causes behind the endangerment of animals.

What is the point of saving endangered species?

Various body parts of animals are used for commercial purposes. Hence, to satisfy these demands, hunting animals is common in the wildlife area. Despite the setbacks, there are several steps that can be taken both at a governmental and societal level to establish a safe habitat and prevent animal endangerment. Firstly , the government of a state should keep a strict watch over-hunting and poaching activities.

Also, development should be made in balance with nature. Reckless exploitation of the environment for making houses or industries would harm us more than benefit. Lastly , there are many steps we can undertake as an individual. We should boycott products made out of animal body parts and do our bit to sustain a balanced ecosystem. The verge of extinction making every efforts fruitless. Also, another set of animals firstly reaching Red book, in other words endanger list.

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  7. In this essay the writer will discuss root causes of the issues and sustainable solutions in details. It is known fact that extinction of animal not new thing, that had been happing over the millions of time due to various reasons. Some of examples are environmental problems, change genetics over the course of time, increase of predators can be given. But due to human activities impact on animal extinctions more deeply, for an instance, deforestation in rain forest completed wipe out some of species from earth.

    Also, Excessive hunting activates in Arctic Ocean led to record polar bears as endanger animal in red book. In Africa, killing animals for tusks and various body parts another reason excitation of some animals, especially North African white rhinos. Although, our plant reaching to a unlivable place due to pollutions and destructions of environment, as humans we have much more responsibility protect animals at higher cost… moreover, to keep the balance of natural environment,, governments and civil society must be more initiatives Solve this problem, upmost solution is educate people who are closely live in places where animal reaching Extinction or risk of being ad to Redbook.

    Secondly, enforce tight laws and penalties who are doing illegal trade of killed animals or products made by killed animals. Thirdly, Use biological technologies to increase reproduction of endanger animals and Verge of Extinction animals. These are some of long term solutions,. There is an increasing list of animals that are close to disappear and will never be seen apart of the pictures whether nothing is done. The reasons that led to this dramatic situation are innumerous, such as poaching, shrinking of forests and wild areas and lack of government interests.

    Firstly, actions to ban poachers from the wild regions where those species live in should be taken as well as punishment for those who break the law should be applied severely.

    Endangered Species Essay

    Secondly, forests must be preserved as much as possible and urbanized areas should not overpass boundaries of protected environments. In countries where there is a well planned urban growth those places are monitored and separated from each other. And last but not least, the governments should be more responsible about the nature in their country not only updating their laws and preserved areas, but also monitoring and investing money in research organizations that look for solutions to avoid the extinction of species. To summarize, I believe that it is possible to revert the situation; however, there will be work for everyone in the society and it has to be started on the conscious of those who act against the nature and the laws.

    The wild animals are a vital part of natural beauty of this universe. It shows the artistic mind of the creator that how many types of living exist in this world. A lot of such unique animals are on danger list and so many already vanished from this earth. This piece of work will elaborate that why these rare animals are in great danger and what are the main reasons of their extinction from this world and how we can tackle this problem.

    The human being love to eat meat because it is their nature and to fulfill this desire they start hunting from their early stone age which are still a very lovable hobby. The extinction of so many rare animals like ostrich is one of major example in this concern. We need to develop international hunting rules to deal with this problem. The forest are the main living source of wild animals and day by day the number of forest decreased sharply due to cut down of trees for human use. The population of world increasing very rapidly and people use wood to build their houses.

    This is the main reason of reduction of forest and a great danger for wild life.

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    The international society start taking steps and they introduced the synthetic wood to handle this problem. This essay discussed about hunting and deforestation that are the main reason of extinction of so many wild animals.

    Top 10 animals in danger of extinction

    By Wade Frazier Road accidents essay. Not just an individual, but a. This is problem solution essay animal extinction a wonderful moment: there actually is some good news to problem solution essay animal extinction report!

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    An animal that was feared to have gone extinct problem solution essay animal extinction has been located. In , ecologist Garrett Hardin explored this social dilemma in his article "The Tragedy of the Commons", published in the problem solution essay animal extinction journal Science. Carbon Capture Has climate change made it harder for people to care about conservation?.

    Carbon Capture Has Sample of a critical analysis essay climate change made it harder for people to care about conservation? Introduction international space station research paper The Naming of Animals problem solution essay animal extinction and Plants. Problem solution essay animal extinction.

    Buster Milton said: 0 published September Abstract. From the Editor The offprint you are holding in your hands comes from an expanded issue of the weekly Executive Intelligence Review, which rushed this special report.