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The optional essay should be for explaining anything in your professional or academic offerings that needs additional information. Did you have a year in undergraduate that did not go particularly well?

Nagea Delaya - Babson MBA Application - Essay #2 Define Your Difference

This is the place where you can give context to anything that might stand out. If you do not have anything of that nature, do not force yourself to write the optional essay. Just because it is there, does not mean that you need it. We know there is a lot of pressure around the essay to hit all the important topics: leadership, teamwork, professional development, and others, but do not just tell us what we want to hear. We want to hear a story about you, a story that only you can tell.

Trying to write to what you think we want to hear does not come off as authentic.

The Most Annoying MBA Essays Of 2014

We want to make sure that the details do not get in the way of your personality. We should be able to know who you are from the story of your essay. Posted in Graduate Admissions. Living Entrepreneurship. Creating Social Value.

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Hear from undergraduate students and staff about campus life, education abroad and career development. Graduate students and staff share news about life at Babson, the admissions process, and career development. Stay on top of the latest college rankings and recognitions, alumni ventures, and must-hear campus updates. Faculty, student, and global thought leaders share ideas around defining and creating social value in organizations of all kinds.

My clients have been […]. In addition to discussing overall HBS application strategy and the required essay, I will discuss key parts of the application form, resume, and transcript. In this post, I discuss how to prepare for Wharton Interviews for fall entry.

*Clients who worked with ARINGO in 2018-19 for more than 7 hours

There are two parts to the Wharton interview, the team-based interview and one-to-one interview. Each part can be prepared for. I am assuming anyone who is reading this post has actually been invited for a Wharton interview and has […]. This is the second in a new series of workshops that I will initially deliver in in Japan.

My objective is to take some of the ideas that I work with on my blog and in […]. For my most recent posts on Wharton interviews, please see here and here.

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My clients […]. Question : Who is Adam Markus? Search Search for:. Preparing for Wharton Interviews for the Class of Nov, 02, In this post, I discuss how to prepare for Wharton Interviews for fall entry.

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