Violence in media should be censored essay

Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Sign in or sign up to share your thoughts. Comments If you're afraid that games will contribute to violence through your child, stop worrying about the games he plays and make sure that your child has respect for human life. You can do this by telling him that God created human beings in His image and that God loves him; your child is the least amount likely to commit unnecessary violence. Also, see if the game he is playing is where he's a good guy fighting a bad guy s.

If his character's role is to be the bad guy with no good instinct, then use caution! Thank you for reading this comment. For me, to say that media and video games is an empty statement; let me explain why. Which brings it to today, where many school shooters, terrorists, and people who enact violence are connected towards video games and media.

Should Censorship Be Banned From Social Media Platform?

No only that, but groups of people like mothers go after video games; but for what reason? Additionally many baby boomers are trying to put gen z the dirt. I would suggest that the previous generation is just irresponsible, and can't live with the fact that they were such horrible parents.

Life comes before free speach.

If you can tell fact feom reality, you won't kill someone. I agreed to that. I'm a nerd and gamer, used to work in the video game industry and in journalism. The right words and the right image, the right camera angle and story twists sell games and other entertainment through the way using the product makes the buyer feel, and for several years that was my livelihood. As a QA tester I used to spend 10 hrs a day, sometimes 6 days a week, immersed in video game violence.

Whenever I closed my eyes, I saw attacking droids, heard the voice of my commander. That is what you get when you hunt bugs for a living. That scene where you need to shoot a young man in the head in close-up view to trigger a text that contained a typo? I didn't feel like eating my lunch the first time I triggered the text. After repeated inspections of the bug, and repeated headshots, I couldn't have cared less about the whole thing, which is to say I was happily munching some junk food while aligning the crosshairs.

Die, you bastard, I want to see whether that bug is fixed. Desensitisation is a thing. I came to the video game industry as a mature adult with experience in real life violence. Both personal, from surviving domestic abuse, rape and assault, and second hand from reviewing image material - read: photographs taken at-the-scene - for print publishing. The gruesome images you see on your nightly news are actually the least offensive the responsible editor could find. And as with video games, desensitisation happens.

Which is why responsible media have strict standards that govern what can be put on a screen or printed. It's a list of Don'ts that you follow even when you yourself no longer feel the image has any impact. Now, I got into all this violence as a mature adult who knew about real life violence and more importantly, how to recover from it. I had a network of friends, I had colleagues - read: a life - and I was trained to know how exactly an image, a word causes a gutfelt reaction in the viewer.

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Make 'em scared. Make 'em feel what it was like to storm the beaches of Normandy, that is what the players buy the game for. To experience things that they do not have in their real life. For thrills. The player base we targeted was not children, whose amount of real life experience is limited. I have yet to meet a developer who isn't aware that a lot of the stuff in video games is strictly not-for-children, and that a good game has to make the players come back for more.

So, there is a demand for more violence as desensitisation sets in. Responsible developers do not feed this particular addiction, but try to make the customers come back for a different kind of kick - which not always works.

But whatever developers decide to offer as an experience, no video game company anywhere can ultimately control who plays the games. If I have to explain to parents one more time that GTA, although it is a cartoon, is not for kindergarteners, I'll scream. RTFM, and take an interest in what your kid does and watches. Play the game before you let your kid play. Video games are a medium just like any other, and this means that a lot of it is for paying adults who can spend enough to pay for the game's making.

To the dad who bought his seven-year-old a copy of "Medal of Honour" - I'm looking at you. If I have to explain to the poverty stricken, developmentally deficient and neglected neighbourhood kids that "no, Chucky isn't real" one more time - I'll scream. I don't care whether Chucky lives under your bed and is your personal friend.

Before you continue...

At age 10, you ought to know better. To those same kids: even if mommy and daddy leave you to be raised by Fortnite, which you play on your phone which is the only thing that talks to you, it is not okay to do the "looser dance" when your buddy falls of the swing and cries. You heard of co-op mode?

Heard of help?

Cue discussion about what to do when someone has an accident. Pro-tip: kicking them in the head because they're on the ground and look like a football is not the right answer. To the kids that try to frighten me by "doing the face Anakin does" or by pulling a nail file, pair of scissors, pencil, dining table knife etc.

And if any of those didn't do their homework they would be grounded, too. And if they tried to kick me in the face because bullying me didn't work, because I am not afraid of you, they would be on the floor in a safehold just like you. Pro-tip: Do not try to copy what you think are cool moves. Or Spiderman. You also cannot fly if you jump from the balcony.

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To the kid who threatened to send dementors after me when I told you that hitting is not okay: You are not Voldemort. And if you insist on casting death spells at everyone who tells you otherwise, and have a full blown tantrum when your maths teacher doesn't drop dead, maybe your parents should introduce you to a psychiatrist. Parents - not all of Harry Potter is for five-year-olds. Even if they start school next year. Even if it is great that he reads so much, so his parents don't have to talk to him and can focus on their well-paying management jobs.

Deprivation comes in many forms. The list continues I don't deny that there are many, many adults and teens out there who play violent games, watch horror movies and are well adjusted individuals. But I do think, that where violent content takes the role of primary care givers, where the communication and behaviour that make violent media violent are the only form of social interaction that children know, we have a problem. I was raised by Saturday morning cartoons - remember He-Man? Fortnite Battle Royale doesn't have a comparable social message.

Where I live, the majority of children start school with developmental deficiencies - they are not as mature as they should be, physically, mentally, emotionally.