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By the end I realized that—for a classroom to run efficiently and for students to learn as much as possible—certain rules must be in place. Though I insisted the students quietly look at me when I talked, they were always given the opportunity to make their own comments or ask questions afterward.

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Though students were expected to do individual work silently, they were always given time to share their thoughts with the class later. I tried to regulate the classroom, not censor it.

What is reflective writing?

Goal 4: Gain Their Trust. Of how using silly humor is much better than sarcasm. Of how speaking to a misbehaving pupil alone is much better than humiliating her in front of the class. By the end of the semester, students were sharing their wants and wishes with me, telling me about their lives before class, asking me about mine after class. One student in particular asked to share some of her poetry with me. What I was handed was a poem about masks, about hiding who you are to the rest of the world, about hoping they will take the time to look closer at you, but also about fearing this possibility.

She was delighted when I asked her if I could make a copy of the poem, and proceeded to show me more of her work, some of which she admitted never having shown anyone before. On my last day, this student along with many of my others rushed to give me hugs, expressing what I thought was sincere regret at my departure. Goal 5: Make the Content Relevant. I achieved this goal several times throughout the semester, though not as many as I would have liked. I hit gold one day on a lesson centered on the concept of code-switching. Uncertain if they would understand why Calpurnia, in To Kill a Mockingbird , must change her speech and behavior depending on whether she is with the African American community or with her white employers, I asked the students for instances from their own lives.

Instances where they had to change their behavior, language, or appearance depending on whom they were with. Immediately hands rose.

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Another boy admitted his language on the ice hockey rink seemed to include many more swear words than when off it. Another girl told us how, at family functions, she was expected to wear a traditional Indian sari rather than her usual tshirt and jeans.

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They are not separate processes; rather, they are closely connected Brookfield There is neither a right nor a wrong way of reflective thinking, there are just questions to explore. Figure 1 shows that the reflective thinking process starts with you.

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  4. Before you can begin to assess the words and ideas of others, you need to pause and identify and examine your own thoughts. Doing this involves revisiting your prior experience and knowledge of the topic you are exploring. It also involves considering how and why you think the way you do. The examination of your beliefs, values, attitudes and assumptions forms the foundation of your understanding.

    Reflective thinking demands that you recognise that you bring valuable knowledge to every experience.

    Reflective writing

    It helps you therefore to recognise and clarify the important connections between what you already know and what you are learning. It is a way of helping you to become an active, aware and critical learner. More Notices. Skip to main content. Specialized skills such as IT or essential skills such as writing skills are also very important, specialized skills gives you more opportunities when searching for a job and essential skills are important because those are the skills that managers are looking for in their future employees.

    There are some skills that I have already mention before but I considered that I have the opportunity to work more on them and be able to improve these essential skills which are:. Planning my career path is another area in which I have to work because as I am not sure what I am going to do after I graduate, until now I have decided to do an internal transfer from business management to a combined degree of Economics and socio legal studies.

    I will manage to decide during the two years that I have left which path I am going to follow after getting my degree and where I will continue my studies. For succeeding on my future plans development I not only have to improved the areas in which I have the opportunity to do it but also I need to pay attention to external factors that might delay my improvements, which could be:. As English is not my first language I think these might become a problem when writing reports or essays and when doing oral presentations it might not go along well because I might not know how to express some idea, but I think as I get more English practice this will not be a problem.

    When working on groups sometimes you might have the opportunity to work with people that you get along with but some other times you might find yourself in a group that does not work well together or everybody is trying to get individual recognition so at the end the result will be unsuccessful, I think the way to improve this is by focus on the work, and leave individual problems outside the group, also by to developing our own personal type of leadership according to the different theories we have learned is going to ne easier to everyone to adapt to different groups and become a member of it.

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