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I write poetry and other stuff. I want to write a short story for this contest.

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Can I participate as my age is a bit over thirty? This article lists contests. This webpage doesn't offer contests. Check each contest and at the end of each, I have provided a link to the contest. Click on it and you'll get more details on how to submit. I only write poetry, can I participate in writing competitions?

Yes, children from the age of 13 onwards can participate. However, it depends on a contest. At the end of each contest, I have provided a link which you'll find is a word, especially here, which is in color. Click it and it will direct you to that contest page where it will provide you with more information and if you are eligible at your age. In the future, I will be indicating age to make it easier to know if someone under the age of 18 is eligible to participate. Are there any essay competitions that have scholarship prizes attatched to them especially for African secondary students? There are scholarship competitions for secondary school students both on Africa and in other countries.

Are these writing contests open to all nationalities? Can the essay be written on any topic for the Free International Writing contest? If not then what will be the topic for May 31 contest?

Yes, the essay can be on any topic. Please check with each contest. They've indicated how they want entries to be submitted. I have provided a link at the end of each contest. Click the links to know how to submit. Yes, there are poetry competitions for students from age 13 onwards.

Please, keep on checking this contest page regularly as I will update them when I come across them.

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Click the link and it will direct you to that website's contest page. There you'll find details of how to send your essays, either through submission form or by email. Can I submit the same piece of writing in multiple competitions if it's following their rules like word limit and genre? Yah, it's possible. However, read each contest's rules to be certain they accept the same piece of work which has been submitted to another competition s. If they haven't indicated, it's best to avoid it. How do you assist a writer to better his writing skills? Are scores given and corrections made in the form of feedback?

It depends on the organizers of the different contests. Due to a high number of submissions or entries, it is difficult for a participant or writer to get feedback in whatever form including corrections. However, a writer can better his writing skills by participating in many contests and joining writing groups. There are many online writing groups. Also, making use of online grammar correctors, both free and paid; reading various online articles that touch on grammar and spelling are other ways a writer can use to perfect his writing skills.

If the prize is in form of cash money they'll send you the money through their preferred mode of payment e. PayPal, deposit to your bank account, western union, money gram and so on. If the prize is non-cash, they will send it to the postal address you've provided when they request it. For the Bracken Bower Prize , it says it is open to people under Would a year old be able to enter? Unfortunately, it won't apply to you. It is for those who are between the ages of I had started writing for Hubpages from to before I stopped due to an injury.

I would like to continue. Is everyone allowed to write on HubPages or just a specific community or only us nationals?

Are there any poetry contests? Yes, there are short story contests that accept entries from individuals who are below eighteen years of age. Should I write in the Tamil language to enter the contests listed here? Are Tamil language entries accepted?

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The contests listed on this page don't require the use of Tamil language to submit your entry. Some of these contests have indicated specific languages to use, not the Tamil language. These competitions are for people above the age of eighteen. If there is a specific age or age bracket I will note it but if the age bracket isn't indicated, then individuals of any age can participate. At the end of each contest, I have provided a link to the contest's page which provides information how to submit your entry. Examples: Click here. The 'here' in red colour is a link you need to click.

Or, if you see at the end of a contest a letter s in red, it's a link. Click it; then you will be directed to the contest's page which provides the necessary information. I have never heard of the contest but I will check on it, and inform you once I get information concerning it. Yes, all the contests listed in this page accept submission from any nationality. They are not limited to a specific nationality or country. However, I will include the name of a region s if a contest has limited its submission to a specific nation s.

At the end of each listed contest, there is a link. It is a word that is highlighted in colour, mostly 'here. It will direct you to a page where you will get information on how to register or participate. Some contests are limited to a certain age. If a contest doesn't mention the minimum age to enter the contest, then it means it's open to people from the age of eighteen onwards.

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I am a years old Indian man. I love writing essays in English and I am an invalid like Mr. Stefan Hawking. Is there any online competition in an English essay contest in which I can participate? There are English essay contests you can participate in. Most of the essays contests accept entrants above the age of 18 thus you fit the age requirement. Browse through this contest page to find an essay contest that accepts entrants over the age of either 16 or What if you have a club of writers and want to contest fielding? If a contest has several categories, it is possible to participate in the categories.

Some contests have limits on how many categories you can participate. Read the rules for they will indicate if one can participate in more than one categories. These are contests which have more than one category. Are there any competitions for quotes, poetry, Shayari and fiction for students between the ages of 15 to 17?

Can I submit my poems which include any theme to an international writing contest? How many words should I write in the contest about teachers?

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What age can authors participate in the Young Writers Award? This article contains a list of competitions. Choose the competition you want.

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At the end of each competition you will find a link. The link will direct you to the contest's page where you will find information how to apply. It's difficult to say. There are many contests that are held every year, a high percentage of them fall in the paid category. These are contests whereby you've to pay an entry fee. Free entry contests aren't that many because of the costs involved in organizing a contest. There is a contest you've listed whose deadline is 21 September When will they announce the winner?

So far there aren't any free poetry contests. Most of the poetry competitions have an entry fee. Keep on visiting this site as I will update it once I come across genuine contests including poetry. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I just launched our Short Story Competition and I'm hoping that you can add it to your list. It expires on November 10th of This is when you take the envelope containing a letter or whatever is in the envelope to the post office so that they can send it to the intended person.

You can join anytime.