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Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School

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Daarnaast kunt u natuurlijk altijd telefonisch terugvallen op onze technische kennis of Volvo Penta Action service. From any of these sources, it would be difficult to reach the conclusion that, over all, the American education system works quite well. The school-reform story draws its moral power from the heartbreakingly low quality of the education that many poor, urban, and minority children in public schools get.

George W. It should raise questions when an enormous, complicated realm of life takes on the characteristics of a stock drama.

And there is a clear answer to the problem—charter schools. The details of this story are accurate, but they are fitted together too neatly and are made to imply too much.

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For example, although most of the specific charter schools one encounters in this narrative are very good, the data do not show that charter schools in general are better than district schools. The system is vast: hundreds of small liberal-arts colleges; a new and highly leveraged for-profit sector that offers degrees online; community colleges; state universities whose budgets are being cut because of the recession; and the big-name private universities, which get the most attention. Research is the rationale for low teaching loads, publication requirements, tenure, tight-knit academic disciplines, and other practices that take it on the chin from Taylor, Hacker, and Dreifus for being of little benefit to students or society.