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Some people choose a partner recommended by their parents or friends. The current arranged marriage vs. Here are some benefits of the arranged and love marriage. Love marriage:. Both of the marriages have their merits and drawbacks, but one should keep in mind that marriage is a lifetime decision. Although families play certain role in the two types of marriages, it is up to the partners to decide whether they want to live together or not. The ultimate decision regarding the choice of life partner should be made by the two individuals only.

There is no such a thing as perfect marriage, because any type of marriage is full of concerns and uncertainties. It is therefore hard to say whether love marriage is better than the arranged one, as both types have their own benefits and drawbacks as analyzed above. Let us further discuss the issue in greater detail. Nowadays, young people of the modern generation do not find the arranged marriage so attractive.

While not all of such marriages appear to be successful, some of them actually result in a happy union filled with mutual understanding and affection. Marriage is not simply a union of two people, but rather a union of two families, that is to say two social networks that become closely related with one another. The arranged marriage is focused on the union between the families. If the values of both families coincide, their sons or daughters can get married with those of other families because in this way they will be taken care of and lead a life that meets the order established in the other family.

The most valuable things searched for in this form of marriage are stability and security. Although this leaves out the emotional element, the importance of a stable and safe marriage cannot be denied. This is probably the reason why Indians have a very low rate of divorce. On the other hand, love marriage seems a perfect union of a man and a woman simply because this union has been formed out of mutual affection.

Arranged marriage in the Indian subcontinent

All of us strive to find a soul mate and then get married in order to lead a happy life ever after. It seems that nothing can go wrong in such circumstances, but there are many doubtful issues that are associated with the love marriage. This kind of marriage requires more work and effort than the arranged marriage. There is no one other to blame if the marriage does not work out well.

Even though people tend to learn much about their future partners before getting married, the life in marriage is an entirely new experience that is always filled with both ups and downs. The definition of an Arranged Marriage is; a type of marriage that is established before a lengthy relationship. To make the definition more clear, it is the opposite of a love marriage. Typically in a love marriage, the final step in the relationship is marriage. That is not the case in an arranged marriage.

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One of the first steps besides meeting your new spouse, is getting married. The main factor of an arranged marriage are the parents. The parents are what makes the marriage possible because they.

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Professor Berger Research Paper Core 7 Arranged Marriages Cultures and countries around the world have differing views on many topics such as whether or not babies should be baptized, vaccinations, abortion and marriages. One topic that has been of controversy and is viewed differently in many countries is marriage and whether or not arranged marriages are better than love marriages. There are several different reasons why people in India believe that arranged marriages are the best; likewise, people in.

Would you consider having your marriage forced or arranged to a person you never met or seen before? Most probably no, but this is happening to many young females and males all over the world.

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There have however also been many changes to these traditions in contemporary society, regarding culture clashing. We must first understand what arrange marriages is, its procedures and its traditions before we can talk about love marriages in comparison to it. Love marriages are marriages that are done based on love and individuals often know enough about their mate they are getting married to. My main focus in this paper is about arranged marriages in India and what individuals go through in this type of marriage. Growing up I always knew that when one.


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Essay on Arranged Marriages Words 4 Pages. What comes to mind when you hear the words arranged marriage? I am sure a happy, respectful, loving relationship was not what popped into your mind. Arrange marriages are a complex subject, and the concept is perceived as a human rights issue where individuals loose the right to freedom of choice. In saying that, my initial opinion of an arranged marriage was not held in high regard.

However, after being introduced to someone who is in the process of an arranged marriage; and conducting my own research; my view changed.

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Hence I have much regret about my naivety on the concept. This type of marriage, known as a culturally specific decision Seth, , has been confused with a forced marriage. In summary, researchers have confirmed that …show more content…. Unfortunately, this occurs only in fairy tales. In saying that, when was the last time you can recall reading or hearing about two adults, including their families, unifying by choice in the efforts of financial and economic assistance?

I personally can not and this thought makes me rather sceptical of the media.