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However other disputes shadow in that of the colonial New England settlers and the Native Americans, both virtually revolving their lives around this concept of land distribution. For the settlers it. Does this mean that one does not affect the other other? While in the other hand Cronon states a situation where one group almost completely removes another. He argues that the transition to European agriculture, and. It has thoughtful impacts for everyone who revolves around the discussion of the environment.

The Cronon argues that individuals have to change the way of our thinking about wilderness. He gives an interpretation and analyzation of the changes in the plant and animal communities in New England. This took place when there were changes in authority from Indian to European authority. It influenced the lives of Native Americans in terms of society and culture, which lead to major changes in the community. It uses ecological and historian ways to construct an analysis of the.

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The book Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonists and the Ecology of New England analyzes the changes in ecosystem that was created by the introduction of Europeans into England. Better Essays words 3 pages.

This seemed to show overall that the ecological system could be affected by changes the people within it may make. Better Essays words 4. In this context, it would be focus on the conversion of agricultural land into some other use. A brief history of land conversion around the region could be traced to the various developments in the city of Manila Better Essays words 6. Better Essays words 5. It is the simple, yet extremely intricate skill performed by humans everyday. The uniqueness of an eye can be described as different combinations of colors that draw people in for deep conversations and contact with one another.

As light shines its beams onto an eye, different colors sparkle, making beautiful shades shine through. Without eyes, human beings would not be able to visualize the wonderful aspects of nature Better Essays words 7 pages.

Land Tenure as the Cause of Conflict

Indian people are always praises for their caring and calm nature without any change in their principles and ideals. India is a land of great legends where great people took birth and do lots of social works. They are still inspiring personality to us. India is a land where Mahatma Gandhi took birth and had given a great culture of Ahimsa. He always told us that does not fight with other instead talk them politely if you really want to get change in something.

He told us that every people on this earth are hungry for love, respect, care and honour; if you give them all, definitely they will follow you. Gandhi Ji always believed in the Ahimsa and really he became successful a day in getting freedom for India from the British rule.

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He told Indians that show your power of unity and gentleness and then see the change. India is not a country of men and women, castes and religions, etc separately however it is a country of unity where people of all the castes and creeds live together conjointly. People in India are modern and follow all the changes according to the modern era however they still in touch with their traditional and cultural values.

India is a spiritual country where people believe in spiritualism. People here believe in Yoga, meditation and other spiritual activities. Social system of the India is great where people still leaves in big joint family with grandparents, uncle, aunt, chacha, tau, cousins, brothers, sister, etc. So, people here learn about their culture and tradition from birth.

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India is an oldest civilization of the world where people still follow their old culture of humanity and care. Culture is the way we behave to others, how softly we react to things, our understanding towards values, ethics, principles, and beliefs. We can see culture here in everything like dance, fashion, artistry, music, behavior, social norms, food, architecture, dressing sense, etc. India is a big melting pot having various beliefs and behaviors which gave birth to different cultures here. Various religions here have their origin from very old age almost five thousand years.

Changes in the Land by William Cronon

It is considered as Hinduism was originated here from Vedas. All the holy Hindu scriptures have been scripted in the sacred Sanskrit language.

It is also believed that Jainism has ancient origin and their existence was in the Indus Valley. Buddhism is another religion which was originated in the country after the teachings of Lord Gautama Buddha.

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Christianity was brought here later by the French and Britishers who ruled here for almost two centuries long time. In this way various religions were originated in ancient time or brought to this country by any means. However, People of each religion live here peacefully by getting together without affecting their rituals and beliefs. Variety of eras came and gone but no one was so powerful to change the influence of our real culture.

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The culture of younger generations is still connected to older generations through umbilical cord.