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Sunday, November 20, Literature Analysis. The world is divided by three super-powers: Oceana, consisting of the Americas and Britain; Eurasia, primarily made up of Russia, the rest of Europe, and the Middle-East; and finally Eastasia, which includes China, Mongolia, Siberia, Australia and some of the Pacific islands.

All three nations are in a perpetual state of war against one of the other two and are controlled by a wealthy class that completely rules with tyranny over the middle and lower classes. This is where our protagonist comes in.

AP Literature and Composition

Winston Smith is what people would call an average human being nowadays, meaning he has a decent memory and has a vague sense of right and wrong. Unfortunately for him though is that the police, or known in the book as the thought police, watch his every move like every other citizen in Oceana through the use of telescreens. These screens can hear every decibel of sound for a good twenty or so feet, can even watch what people are doing for up to ten feet and are literally everywhere in Oceana.

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These essays may misunderstand the prompt or substitute a simpler task by responding to the prompt tangentially with unrelated, inaccurate, or inappropriate explanation. The prose often demonstrates consistent weaknesses in writing, such as grammatical problems, a lack of development or organization, or a lack of coherence and control. The student uses a seamless blend of evidence and commentary throughout to build a convincing argument. The essay is stronger than those that received a score of 8 because of its impressive control of language despite a few lapses here and there and its exceptionally cohesive argument.

Throughout, the prose demonstrates consistent weaknesses in writing, and the explanations of evidence exhibit a lack of development. Read more. Your name. Close Save changes.

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Julius Caesar 23m 55s. Henry V 29m 12s. Richard III 23m 42s. The Winter's Tale 20m 46s. The Tempest 19m 38s.

The Ultimate Guide to "Jane Eyre" for the AP English Literature Free Response Questions | crafcentherta.tk

The Sonnets 21m 9s. Section 3: Multiple-Choice Section. Multiple-Choice Introduction 14m 22s. Multiple-Choice Question Types 9m 17s. Prose Passages 11m 41s. Poetry Passages 9m 48s. Section 4: The Essays. Intro to The Essay Section 21m 54s. The Prose Essay 11m 3s. The Poetry Essay 11m 8s.

The Open Essay 17m 28s. How to Use Hamlet For Everything 21m 15s. Section 5: Test Walkthrough. Multiple-Choice Walkthrough, Part 1 15m 24s.

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  • Multiple-Choice Walkthrough, Part 2 19m 25s. Prose Essay Walkthrough 10m 7s. Poetry Essay Walkthrough 7m 24s. Open Essay Walkthrough 14m 43s.


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    Download lecture slides for taking notes. Learn at your own pace It has a rich range of male and female characters of different social classes and ethnicities well, pretty rich for Elizabethan England. It has elements of many genres—tragedy, comedy, horror, fantasy, etc. I selected the and open essay questions, sight unseen, to simulate answering an unpredictable question with a prepared work. How does he understand justice? Look at his attempts to kill Claudius. An eye for an eye!