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Every child who has read the novel would agree with Dr. This essay intends to firstly examine briefly the structure and narrative of the novel. The theme or the structure of a book is what draws readers to it and hence success of the book largely depends on it. Swift uses the device of verisimilitude in the novel to project his fantasy world as credible.

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In a work of fantasy, a writer creates impossible characters, places and situations and asks the readers to pretend that they are real. To help the reader in this task, the writer tells his tale in such a way that he makes it seem credible- that is, he gives it verisimilitude.

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However, a lot of issues are hidden beneath the novel. Though he has cast his novel in the genre of an adventure story yet, he criticizes and ridicules other travel writers of his day. Most of all, the novel is a scathing attack on the eighteenth century European politics which will form the subsequent discussion of the essay. To write about public affairs or to criticize public men with any freedom invited censorship for the writer unless he uses literary artifices of various kinds to express his opinions with impunity. Perhaps this is why, Swift casts his novel in the garb of an adventure story to escape censorship and criticize the eighteenth century English society.

In the book, many figures which seem to be imaginary are meant to depict real personages, or at all events are drawn from them.

Sycophancy is practiced by the court officials who will go to any length to win favors from the Queen and lords. The religious war between Lilliput and Blefuscu symbolizes the quarrel between England and France over the nature of sacrament and differences in communion of the catholic and Anglican Churches. Through their quarrel, Swift satirizes the War of the Spanish Succession. Although it had its religious overtones, the war also involved trading rights with the colonies in America.

However, the Tories led by Harley and Bolingbroke after coming to power, began to negotiate with the French thus resulting in the peace treaty of Utrecht, Their naval policy, they said destroyed the Spanish fleet.

Gulliver’s Travels Essay

However, the Whigs being unsatisfied later accused the Tories of treason because of a failure to get colonies and parts from France and Spain. The ingratitude of the British throne towards its men of service is highly condemned by Swift and finds expression in the fire episode of Chapter 5. He failed to get the Irish Bishopric in and it was with great difficulty that he obtained the deanery in All these can be attributed to the influence of the Duchess of Somerset, Dr.

The character of Flimnap is a representative of Sir Robert Walpole under whose administration England became a fountainhead of corruption. The Groom retails the Favours of his Lord. Swift, although not yet in an all at attack upon sin, is already suggesting that those guilty of pride deserve to die. His tirade of pride begins in the land of he Houynhnhmns. He tells his master in the excessiveness and wastefulness of pride. He explains that the inefficiency with which English females keep their pride in the tea they consume. Swift is pointing out the wastefulness that Pride causes.

It induces people to go to extravagant ends to acquire trivial luxuries such as tea and bottled water.

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Swift is at his satiric and sarcastic worst. Truly, Gulliver can tell show the fault of pride from his success, and survival in being without pride. Share this Post! All rights reserved.