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His efforts and desire to study at this level did not however bear fruit and he was forced to cut short his studies before even completing his first year of study. At the age of nineteen, Picasso left Spain for Paris in France where he was to stay with a friend. During this time and under their arrangement, between Picasso and his friend, Picasso did his painting works at night while his friend worked during the day a situation that made him to burn most of his paintings in order generate heat in the cold nights Ghare 1.

He had a number of love relationships that rarely worked out for him in terms of marriage. Though his first engagement was realized in the year , Picasso only managed to get into marriage when he was approaching fifty years of age. Looking for essay on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! His marriage also failed to work as he was involved in an extra marital affair which together with the different lifestyles that his wife and he lived, led to their separation.

Though he further had a number of relationships, he never married again after this until the year when he married just to avenge on a woman that had left him. He later died in the year Ghare 1.

Michelangelo was born in the year as a second born child to Ludovico and Neri. Michelangelo was then sent by his father to a grammar school following the intellectual level that he noticed in Michelangelo. It is in this school that Michelangelo met a friend who encouraged him venture into arts.


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At the age of thirteen, he was enlisted to work at a painting workshop before he later went to school to study arts. He then tried to study human anatomy where he used dead bodies before he realized that the dead bodies were inducing negative effects into his life Michelangelo 1.

By the year , Michelangelo had been an established painter who was recognized by high authorities such as the papacy. He was for this reason enlisted in the year to work on a tomb for the papacy. He worked on many high profile assignments.


His services were also enlisted by the government of Florence. He later left Florence for Rome following a level of hostility that he received from the administration and citizens following some misunderstandings. He also ventured in other fields such as architecture and literature. His social life was however full of isolation. He confessed his loneliness when he admitted not to be having friends and that he was spending much time in his paintings to an extent that he did not even have enough time for eating. He later died in isolation with no relative around to take care of him or his property.

His nephew, however, arrived after his body had been disposed off and carried the remains together with his belongings to Florence Michelangelo 1. One of the similarities that is realized between the two artists, Michelangelo and Picasso are their characteristic movements from their original residence to foreign lands. Michelangelo is, for example, identified to have moved from Florence to Rome. Following his artistic skills, Michelangelo was invited to stay in Medici where he practiced his painting.

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Similarly, Picasso left his original country, Spain, and moved to France where he stayed and did his paintings. His movement to France took place in the year Another similar feature of the two artists is the level of dependence that was exhibited in their lives.

In the case of Michelangelo, he was taken in to the palace where he stayed until the death of Lorenzo. In the early period he focused on realism. During this early period Michelangelo's works included the Pieta and the David.

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In Michelangelo returned to Florence, Italy to sculpt the famous nude sculpture called the David. The David measures 18 feet tall, and is so massive that it took 40 men to move it from Michelangelo's workshop World Book The second period of Michelangelo's career was based upon his imagination. Michelangelo was so excited about making the tomb for the Pope that he spent many months looking for the perfect piece of marble to make the tomb. The Sistine Chapel ceiling took over four years to complete, Michelangelo was able to accomplish this enormous job in such a short amount of time because of his desire to finish the tomb Janson The walls of the Sistine Chapel were painted twenty five years prior to the painting of the ceiling.

One of the walls in the chapel told the story of Moses, and the other wall told the story of Jesus Christ. Michelangelo used the subjects of the paintings on the walls to determine the subject of his frescos, Tolnay The ceiling is made up of scenes from the bible. Michelangelo took the text of the bible and painted it on the ceiling the way he interpreted it. According to Robert S.

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